CB’s Speech and Drama School (Candice’s Speech and drama school) has been in existence for 10 years in Cape Town, Western Cape, we offer extra curricula/mural lessons after school hours.

Speech and drama aids a shy child as he/ she is given a platform to express themselves in a trusting environment.

For the extrovert these classes will allow the child to learn how to express him/her self in a meaningful way.

Having a good base in communication skills can benefit when choosing a career path. With the ability to speak clearly and express yourself a whole world awaits. You can be anything you want to be: a lawyer, doctor, radio/TV presenter and of course a movie star!

In my class we work towards an entry in The Cape Town Eisteddfod. With our main focus on entering an international exam with LAMDA –www.lamda.org.uk

Please pop me an enquiry/email for more information on dates and times.