What can speech and drama do for you

As a speech and drama teacher (communication specialist) my day is spent over Zoom having a blast with my students.

The skills I hope to transfer to you are to be confident – to be able to speak up for – concisely and speak your minds – never afraid to question or provide answers in life and in the classroom. To nurture a talented student to hone in on their trade and become a versatile actor.

My students  are not all outgoing extroverts in fact I would say most of them are introverts – and watching them get up and own the stage is a remarkable thing!

I know that these students take with them a range of skills that are transferable for a lifetime of experiences.

We have deliverable that we aim for each year and these are in the form of participating in eisteddfods and examinations where personal (and in some cases group) achievements and goals are set and achieved.

We build on characterisation

We work on pronunciation

We learn lines – working on memory

We perfect our posture

We nurture talent.

We have a love and passion for theater – the stage – the history –

We reduce accent – remaining true to our roots but also understood.