I say this every year but, I really can’t believe how the time flew!
I wanted to highlight what we got up to this year.

Our Eisteddfod entry was a great success and I say every year we learn more and more each time we enter. Another mention to Daniel who won best junior award.

Then we rolled right into the LAMDA examinations, and as you can see below we ROCKED!!!
As usual our marks are never below 70% and that shows how hard we work in our relatively short classes once a week. Along with dragon tears and my hair changing colour from the stress 😉 I am super proud of each and every one of you!

On a personal level our Skype classes are proving to be a real success four out of the below names take virtual classes with me and even when we battle poor connectivity this form of blended education really is a win win!
A new beginners class commenced in the second term and I am hoping that we can add more drama queens/kings into this class next year.

For those who do not know….. while I was compiling the entries and payments for the LAMDA I saw that they, for the first time this year, offered a Shakespeare examination. I thought, at the time, it sounded like a wonderful idea! And when payment was due I was starting to see through the madness of my plan. However (a Libran I am) I convinced myself that it was indeed a wonderful idea. It’s been roughly 15 years since I last participated in an exam and I thought it would really remind me and keep it fresh for when I prepare the children on what to expect going into an exam. Also on a personal note I haven’t had the time to act and learning lines and refreshing my knowledge of Shakespeare was a lot more fun than I expected. On the day of my exam I drove to the venue with the words why why why running through my head!
I did it! It was loads of fun! And I am proud of my accomplishment!

I would like to say thank you to all of you for helping make Speech and Drama a success this past year.

LAMDA exam Results

Daniel Wolson: Speaking Verse and Prose Gr 3 – 89% Pass with Distinction

Stirling Humphreys:Acting- 76% Pass with Merit

Carla Wade, Camryn Abrahams, Dakota HauptGroup Recital Entry- 76% Pass with Merit

Daniel WolsonActing Grade 2 – Solo – 83% Pass with Distinction

Stirling Humphreys:Speaking Verse and Prose entry- 78% Pass with Merit

Eeshwaree Moodle, Layla Sanglay, Laylah SchreuderGroup Intro – 80% Pass with Distinction

Nikos Zatcarnyi,Nicoletta Zatcarnyi:Acting Entry Level – Duo: Nikos: 84% Pass with Distinction, Nikoletta: 81% Pass with Distinction

Daniel WolsonMusical theater Gr3- 85% Pass with Distinction

Candice Bloom: Shakespeare Level 3 – 82% Pass with Distinction