Hi Drama Parents

And just like that the year is almost over!
I would like to say thank you to all of you for helping make Speech and Drama a success this past year

LAMDA Results
I am very proud of the results for the exams, I do think this year’s examiner was much more strict with his mark allocation than last years examiner, however well done to everyone who participated! Hard work pays off and I look forward to continuing the high level of work into 2017!

Lusia – communication exam – 88%
Matthew Mead – performance exam – 59%
Daniel Wolson – performance exam – 75%
Matthew Mead – communication exam – 68%
Daniel Wolson – communication exam – 91 %
Hannah Buckle – poetry exam – 75%
Carla, Sisipho and Camryn – poetry exam – 94%

(claps and loud applause)
I look forward to welcoming new children to my classes next year and I am hoping for many more opportunities to provide communication skills in the work place as well.
Bring on 2017!!

Please all have a safe and wonderful holidays and I look forward to seeing you all next year.