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Above are all my pupils who participated in the annual LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) examinations in Cape Town.
We spend terms 2 AND 3 preparing for these exams and it is hard work.
This year I was really nervous as I have not had so many first time entrants in one year and once that exam door closes behind the entrant it’s out of my hands and all up to them. Preparation is key to assisting in nerve reduction and making sure that words are known so well that the pieces can almost be said backwards! So if we are well prepared then all that’s left to do is just show up on the day of the exam and hope the examiner is happy with the work presented.

Our marks this year show just how HARD we worked and I was blown away by how well everyone did.
Boston Primary School grade 4 – 93%
Matthew and Liso – acting – 88% and 86%. For their poetry section they both received 98%!!!!!!!!!
Lusia obtained – 80%- poem and prose and 86% for devised drama.
Everyone receiving a pass with distinction.

Proud doesn’t even come close to describing how I am feeling!!!
That was a perfect way to end the children’s Speech and Drama year!

I have been fortunate to provide training for a group of sales administrators for WOMAG (World of Marble and Granite) providing elocution classes for 10 weeks.
This has been such fun and I am sure the ladies have found the sessions beneficial in both their professional and personal lives!

I look forward to welcoming new children to my classes next year and I am hoping for many more opportunities to provide communication skills in the work place as well.
Bring on 2016!!